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E-Guroo Trainers

E-Guroo Trainers

E-Guroo Trainers:-
E-Guroo trainers are professionals with corporate experience. They are highly motivated with a corporate HR level background having more than ten years of experience.

At E-guroo 90% of students are working professionals, so our teachers are specialized corporate professionals, with substantial direct experience in business and corporate training. This means that we can understand and focus on students' specific communication needs and problems, and produce results in a demanding business environment.

To use a language correctly, Students have to first be able to speak it. Reading and writing are also taught, but language is introduced through speaking. The trainer ensures that all learners can pronounce every word correctly before the lesson proceeds.

Learners are encouraged to use the language actively throughout the learning process. This requires total participation. Trainers keep their talking time to a minimum to allow learners the maximum amount of practice during a training session.

Learners are encouraged to self-correct to achieve accurate pronunciation and to be able to use a language structure efficiently in conversation. We regard language learning as a process of continual improvement.

Although the aims of each session are clearly defined, trainers will use a variety of techniques during the lesson. Different learning styles and contexts are considered. It helps the learner to use the language in different real-life situations.